Make it Yourself cover

Make It Yourself – 1970s Style

Make it Yourself
Riccio and Bingham

For the most part, the information in this book is still good. Unfortunately, this book looks very 1978. (Fun fact: Holly and I have gotten pretty good at guessing the publication year based on the fonts used.) You can also see that this book is really showing its age.

The book is really just a listing of things you can make yourself, ranging from cleaning products to condiments. Some of the tips aren’t particularly practical. Am I supposed to save my egg shells indefinitely in case I run out steel wool? There is also no discussion of how this saves money. It also doesn’t address the value of time. I am not going stand around and save every egg shell, just in case. Where would it be stored? How would it be stored? Also, I still have steel wool that I probably got sometime in the early 1990s. I doubt I am going to run out of steel wool any time soon.

Sex of the Dollar cover

This Book isn’t About Sex

Sex of the Dollar
Street-Smart Financial Planning For Women

This is one of those books that will use a sexy title to get folks to read something boring. Then the subtitle gives the real story. Clever. Now, money is sexy. Of course financial planning is important, and women might have different needs from men, especially if they are not primary breadwinners. 1988 is beyond old for any book dealing with finances.

homeowners survival cover

Homeowner’s Survival Kit

The Homeowner’s Survival Kit: How to Beat the High Cost of Owning and Operating Your Home

Submitter: The cover of this book was dirty, real dirty. It’s what caught my eye on the shelf. Reading through it, you can see how out of date the data is. Some of the costs are way off of from today. How useful is that? I wish my vacuum would last 18 years, as this book suggests. My Dyson died after just 6.

Holly: The topics listed on the bottom of the cover are a dead giveaway on how out of date the info will be. Property taxes and mortgage payments, utility bills, telephone charges…all are important for homeowners to know about, and all are very dependent on current data for accuracy.

Sure Ways to Cut Your Taxes

Is this deductible?

Kiplinger’s Sure Ways to Cut Your Taxes

We take a break from our National Library Week to remind everyone that it is April 15. For those outside of the USA, it is tax day. Don’t forget to file. As of this writing, this book was still on file in a public library business/finance collection. I am sure it is super helpful, especially for people e-filing!  If anyone says “historical value” to me I will clobber them with an 1991 10-key adding machine. Better yet, how about you work a ref desk in a public library on April 15 for people who just started to realize they need forms. Can you say Form 4868?

Student Loan handbook cover

College Financial Fun

The Student Loan Handbook
All about the Stafford Loan Program and other forms of financial aid for students and their parents.
Chandler and Boggs

Think this book is any help?  This book has been revised and updated! Ha!

Lets get some perspective.  My son was born in 1990 and will be graduating from college this year. Wonder if the material is out of date? Wonder no more, it is.  This one kind of angers me (just like out of date career books).  Can you imagine the stroke parents and kids will have when they see interest rates quoted at about 12%? Or the needs test? There is no earthly reason for this to be on a public library shelf. (Yeah, I am going state it categorically and don’t write me and tell me that someone is going to go to xyz public library and do historical based research on college financing or worse yet, “it is better than nothing” or my personal favorite: “You two are responsible for the ruination of civilization”.)

Kid's Guide to Managing Money

Money Management – For Kids!

A Kid’s Guide to Managing Money
A Children’s Book about Money Management

We have featured a couple of Joy’s books here on the website and I found this other one lurking in my own collection! Yikes! This title, like all her others, are over 100 pages. I can’t see any kid sitting down with this title and holding out for 100 pages plus of annoying pictures and text.

Teach Your Wife How to Be a Widow

Widow Maker

Teach your wife how to be a widow
U.S. News & World Report
Money Management Library

I have been doing my income taxes this past week so I was in no mood for this title to cross my desk. Seriously? What is the holding library thinking? The purpose of this book is to help those big strong husbands out there to explain the complicated world of money, investing, and insurance. The tone of the book throughout assumes women barely touch money and men know a lot about managing money. This book is how you “teach” your obviously slow witted wife the ins and outs of money. I am sure my mother would have been appalled in 1973, as well as 2011.