Sweet Success cover

How to play nice with boys at work

Sweet Success
How To Understand the Men in Your Business Life-and Win With Your Own Rules

Once again, we have a book for women on how they can adapt to the manly world of business. Thumbing through this it was much like a proto “Men are from Mars..” communication discussion. Valid? I have no idea. I do think that generalizing about gender behaviors is probably not a good idea. I would like to think that both genders have progressed, but I have my doubts about that too. Personally, I found the discussion of sports metaphors a bit ridiculous and the discussion of touch a bit icky. (Don’t touch anyone at work is a good policy) It is a weeder just because the 1980s version of an office is not contemporary enough. Upgrade to something more current.

Elementary School Secretaries

The Principal’s Gals

Elementary School Principals: The Women in the Principal’s Office

Submitter: I came across this book in our collection. It is from 1991 and has never been checked out. There is so much wrong with this title. It sort of implies or assumes that principals are male and secretaries are female. Period. The subtitle even sounds kind of bad. There is no mention of technology in the book and one section is called “Jane of all trades.” So much has changed regarding student issues and laws over the last 20 years that this book is sorely outdated.

Holly:  At first, I thought it was implying that all elementary school principals are female.  Then I realized it isn’t a book about principals at all!  There’s no reason for a school library to hang on to this one.