Megan's Book of Divorce

Megan’s Book of Divorce

Megan’s Book of Divorce: a kid’s book for adults : as told to Erica Jong

Submitter: I found this amazing book at a used book store.  Not necessarily a library book, but still awesome.  I took pics of so many pages, I might as well have scanned the whole book.  There were odd things left and right. I also looked up the author, Erica Jong, on Wikipedia.  Interesting to note that she has been married 4 times, and “She has a daughter from her third marriage, Molly Jong-Fast.”  (Yes, that’s a lady.)

Some interesting things from the book that are pictured:
-the bizarre underwear scene, which is also repeated on the inside front dust jacket
-the racist undertones regarding the nanny
-the creepy shadowy “criminal” being locked up and the line about how the cop turns on the siren and flashes the lights just to speed