The Menstrual Cycle cover

A Visit from Aunt Flo

The Menstrual Cycle: An essential guide for women and men

Submitter: To my great horror, we just found this gem on our shelves and we are a mid-sized public library in the midwest. How it eluded weeding prior to this, I’ll never know. It was probably a frank discussion on a topic that had little data for its time, but now that it’s 43 years old, it’s wayyyy past time to go. Yes, our periods have not changed much, but the Pill was still a new thing when this book was written and the cavalier attitudes about injecting women with hormones for the most trivial of reasons is rather frightening. I especially loved how I could change my cycle so it wouldn’t interfere with my vacation! Or how one shot of progesterone would turn me into the woman that my husband married (What? I’ll lose 40 pounds and my grey hair will disappear?).

Big City cover

“You’re Going to Make it After All”

Making it Big in the City
A Woman’s Guide to Living, Loving and Working There

I look at this cover and I hear the theme song to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It is almost as if this book were the nonfiction version of this show (and not nearly as interesting). It almost seems a bit dated for 1983. Career and relocation information is pretty light and the major emphasis is on finding a man in a new city. (Isn’t that why you moved in the first place?)

As an added bonus, this particular edition has a nice strip of mold growing along the inside binding. Yum!

Sweet Success cover

How to play nice with boys at work

Sweet Success
How To Understand the Men in Your Business Life-and Win With Your Own Rules

Once again, we have a book for women on how they can adapt to the manly world of business. Thumbing through this it was much like a proto “Men are from Mars..” communication discussion. Valid? I have no idea. I do think that generalizing about gender behaviors is probably not a good idea. I would like to think that both genders have progressed, but I have my doubts about that too. Personally, I found the discussion of sports metaphors a bit ridiculous and the discussion of touch a bit icky. (Don’t touch anyone at work is a good policy) It is a weeder just because the 1980s version of an office is not contemporary enough. Upgrade to something more current.

28 days cover

Every 28 Days…

Twenty-Eight Days
Elgin and Osterritter

Another helpful period book. My first thought was that movie about a virus called 28 Days Later. Coincidence?

I am embarrassed for the library that still has it on the shelves (at least as of this writing). I pity a girl that has to depend on this old book. The illustrations are bizarre. (I thought the first picture was of sunglasses. Whoops!) As a woman of a certain age, I can also say that I have never heard of any of the “modern” myths. In 1973, I was busy being a boring junior high student in the middle of Illinois– hardly on the cutting edge of popular culture. I think avoiding wet feet and chills is probably good advice regardless of how your lady parts are acting.

I am also pretty sure my younger self would have thought this was a waste of a good tree.

getting your period cover

The Curse

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Period
The Need to Know Library

These books are so important for adolescent girls!  We find them all the time tucked away in the dark corners of the library.  Poor things, they’re too embarrassed or shy to actually check them out!  That’s all the more reason to make sure that the books we have available are up to date. The cover of this book would surely keep those timid girls from checking it out.  Nothing like carrying around a book with a box of Lightdays and a calendar on the cover. That’s not obvious.  Teens and pre-teens might be more likely to check out books on this topic if the cover and title were more discreet.  Sure, they need to learn that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but they also need to learn about discretion and privacy.