Your wedding

Old School Wedding Planning

Your Wedding
How to Plan and Enjoy It
1977 (original copyright 1942)

Since it is June, how about some wedding planning info. Personally, I can’t think of an industry that has changed more since I got married back in the early 1980s. The insane amount of money spent on weddings these days boggles the mind. (Stop me before I start saying “these kids today…”)

how to write cover

Betty Draper Needed a Hobby

The New How to Write for Homemakers
2nd Ed
Richardson and Callahan

Submitter: To say that this book is dated is an understatement. Its gender bias is clear, if implicit. Chapters begin with metaphors likening writing and rhetoric to putting on a dress or following a recipe. The only explicit reference to a man shows him grilling at a barbecue. To be fair, though, the book does offer some reasonable advice on writing and rhetoric. For example, an unappetizing photograph of pineapple in jello does make a few valid points about visual rhetoric. Of course, we would better serve our patrons by providing a contemporary work over this.

planning a family reunion

Family Fun

Planning a Family Reunion

I have been asked over the years for a how to guide for throwing a family reunion. Showers and other types of parties have evidently moved over to Pinterest and other websites. Family reunions, will probably follow, but I would still like a book for my library collection. This book isn’t it. The general advice is decent, but for a serious event, there needs to be some discussion of technology. Just flipping through this book I kind of felt sorry for the person trying to coordinate an event, among family, no less. Having to physically assemble and track downs relatives would be a real chore before wide use of the Internet.

paneling painting and wallpapering

Paneling Promises

Sunset Home Remodeling Guide to
Paneling, Painting & Wallpapering
Sunset Books

Bring back the groovy days of the 1970s with some seriously cool looking paneling. If paneling isn’t your thing, than try some of the more interesting wall coverings and paint decorating ideas. I am a bit torn between the groovy orange playroom and the striped wallpaper. I really don’t know how anyone could live in this decorating nightmare. Aside from the choices in decor, the instructions were decent enough. I just couldn’t get through the book without sunglasses and some Tylenol.