deadly deception cover

Deadly Deception

Deadly Deception: The Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS

Really?  1994?  Wow.  I’m really suprised it is that current (and yet…old in medical book terms).  There are some pretty “interesting” reviews of this book at  I can’t wait to hear what you all think!


fetal alcohol syndrome book cover

Drinking with your baby

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

This is just another example of a dated teen nonfiction choice.  (My personal hot button for collection awfulness….seriously, does anyone weed teen nonfiction?)  The information is outdated of course.  The book was also more about admonishing people to not drink while pregnant rather than actually discussing FAS. This book was probably published to flush out this set of nonfiction.  Mostly boring.  I wasn’t sure the picture below was actually a girl AND pregnant.  Evidently you also need a cigarette when you are pregnant and drinking.