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The Curse

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Period
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These books are so important for adolescent girls!  We find them all the time tucked away in the dark corners of the library.  Poor things, they’re too embarrassed or shy to actually check them out!  That’s all the more reason to make sure that the books we have available are up to date. The cover of this book would surely keep those timid girls from checking it out.  Nothing like carrying around a book with a box of Lightdays and a calendar on the cover. That’s not obvious.  Teens and pre-teens might be more likely to check out books on this topic if the cover and title were more discreet.  Sure, they need to learn that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but they also need to learn about discretion and privacy.


When Teenagers Take Care of Children

Babysitting 101

When Teenagers Take Care of Children: The Official Guide for Baby Sitters

I would have guessed that this is even older than 1965.  The pictures are adorable, but really old fashioned (even for cartoons!).  The worst, though, is the section on first aid.  Librarians: please give your teen patrons something more up to date and more accurate than this!

Hostage rescue manual

Hostage Rescue

Hostage Rescue

Submitter: Attached is a scan of the book Hostage Rescue:  A Manual that was just recently found on our shelves.  Though this book obviously has its place in both literature and libraries, our very small public library is probably not the best fit.  Our library is gearing up to celebrate its 10th Anniversary and since then relatively “new” old books that were donated the library when it was first opened are still sometimes found our our shelves. We’re always weeding, but this summer we’re going through a huge project and getting rid of everything outdated, unnecessary and ridiculous.  I guess it does have some value and might have been a relevant tool for training, but in a small public library?   Even though our library shares a building with the township police station, it’s not surprising to know that this book was never checked out!  And plus, Thompson wrote a revised addition in 2006 that probably touches on more current trends, technology and reasoning.