Always in Style cover

Always in Style

Always in Style with Color Me Beautiful

Submitter: Not sure which is more awful … that this book is still available at a library in our system or that one of my patrons requested it.

Holly: I think the “always” in the title is stretching it a bit! This book – this 1985 edition – is available at NINE libraries in Michigan. Whyyyyy?

The lady on the cover doesn’t actually look too bad, but I wonder what horrors await inside this thing? Anyone want to share some internal pics? (We’ll update the post if you do!) Also, I’m generally a fashion “don’t,” so don’t take my word for it that she doesn’t look bad…


Teen Makeover

The Make-Over
A Teen’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Beautiful

Ah, the 1980s live again. This book has all the makeup and fashion advice your average teen girl needs. The shirt/vest combo looks 1970s (I say this because I had a similar outfit in 1977. Heck, I think I had the same hair as well.) By the 1980s we were all looking for some big hair via perms. For me personally, the 1980s ended up being a series of bad choices in hair and fashion.

color wonderful

Color Yourself

Color Wonderful
Nicholson and Lewis-Crum

This book is your basic 1980s flashback. Note the big hair and the blue eye shadow. One of the chapters is about “gentle” coloring, I am going to go out on a limb and say this doesn’t look too gentle.  This particular book was sent to the bindery in the early 1990s. Obviously, we need to preserve those excellent hair and make-up examples from the 1980s.

Having one’s colors done by a “pro” was quite the trend. I never did figure out what season I was. We have posted some examples in the past. We will just add this to the pile.

fashion for men

Natty Man

Fashion for Men
Esquire Magazine
1957 (original copyright)
1966 edition

Need to get that retro chic look from the late 1950s? This guide has all the details so you can look your very best.

I actually liked looking through this book. The details and the explanations are really interesting. If you have an interest in menswear or in retro fashion, this might be a good choice. I definitely think this has a place in a design or fashion collection. Yes it is dated and not exactly user friendly, but it is detailed and has some decent illustrations. Fit is the major theme of this book.

breast enlargement

Amazing Powers for the Girls

The Bio-Imagery Method of Breast Enlargement & Waist Reduction

Remember our other book on using brain power to increase your bust size? Believe it or not, we have another title for your consideration.

Using the power of your brain, you can control your breast size. However, with great power comes great responsibility. So the first thing you should do with your exceptional powers is improve your boobs. Question: where is the book training men to increase the size of their body parts? Are the skills just available to women? Do they only work on breasts?

you and your hair

Hair Raising Style for Teens

You and Your Hair
Cuts, Styles, and Hints for Beautiful Hair

I probably picked up this book when I was a teen. This was the time that everyone wanted hair like Farrah Fawcett from the Charlie’s Angels days. Unfortunately, for all the attempts, I never managed that look. (I don’t think anyone did.) There’s nothing really earth shattering in this book. There are basic tips on hygiene, skin care, and makeup. Old timers will remember when taming acne meant no chocolate, nuts, or fried foods. I think that was proven wrong by the mid 1990s. The only thing I found somewhat different was the use of scarves in creating looks. I doubt teens from yesteryear were impressed.

6 minute facial exercises

Face Saving

6-Minute-Sana-Facial-Exercises & Face-Care Program for Women

Time to get your face in shape!

This book has page after page of facial exercises that will enhance your beauty and make you younger. I tried a couple of these. Nothing happened other than me feeling foolish. However, keeping an open mind, your mileage may vary. One of my favorite pieces of advice is to not make your face too expressive or you may get lines in your face. Maybe this is a warm up to Botox treatments.