duck shack agreement cover

Duck Shack Agreement

Duck Shack Agreement

Submitter: My husband has the unfortunate habit of dragging home insane books that he gets for free from the library (basically they’ve been “weeded”). Now we finally have a use for them. This is one of our favorites: “The Duck Shack Agreement”. The Ballooney Tunes sweatshirt refers to her booming balloon delivery service.

Holly: What a bizarre title for a romance novel.  Makes you want to light some candles and read, doesn’t it?

papito messed up fiction cover

Papito Messed Up

Papito Messed Up

Submitter: Cataloged this today for my university library’s Africana section (so we’re keeping this, not weeding), and the cover was awful enough that I had to get a quick photo to submit. I think the cover artist was going for some kind of optical illusion or glass reflection thing with the airplane and buildings, but it just doesn’t work. This book is written for school children and is intended to teach them about the pitfalls of criminal activity and drug use. It even includes a glossary and exercise questions.

Holly: I don’t even know what to say about this.  Interesting choice…can’t find any reviews of it…  It is cataloged as fiction and regional to Ghana, and a lot of university libraries own it.  Anyone want to weigh in on how college students or faculty are using it?  I agree – it does have a bizarre cover.