Megan's Book of Divorce

Megan’s Book of Divorce

Megan’s Book of Divorce: a kid’s book for adults : as told to Erica Jong

Submitter: I found this amazing book at a used book store.  Not necessarily a library book, but still awesome.  I took pics of so many pages, I might as well have scanned the whole book.  There were odd things left and right. I also looked up the author, Erica Jong, on Wikipedia.  Interesting to note that she has been married 4 times, and “She has a daughter from her third marriage, Molly Jong-Fast.”  (Yes, that’s a lady.)

Some interesting things from the book that are pictured:
-the bizarre underwear scene, which is also repeated on the inside front dust jacket
-the racist undertones regarding the nanny
-the creepy shadowy “criminal” being locked up and the line about how the cop turns on the siren and flashes the lights just to speed

Uncle Willy's Tickles

Uncle Willy

Uncle Willy’s Tickles: A Child’s Right to Say No Aboff 2003 Submitter: Creepy! Holly: …Aaaaand we’re back to this subject.  What a horrible title!  There’s a fine line between making a serious subject “approachable” to kids through a title they

Wax in our world

Waxing poetic

Wax in our World

Wax as a topic for a medium public library juvenile nonfiction section has got to be one of the oddest ideas ever.  Just so you all know, I have no bias against the subject of wax.  Hey, wax as a part of a craft or in candle making, I would be all over that.  Waxing as hair removal, I might be interested in that for my collection.  (Okay, I might have to be sold on that idea.   Can you imagine the illustrations when they get to discussing the bikini line?)  What makes me laugh is the idea that somewhere a publisher was in a meeting saying  “I think the kids are looking for a good book on wax”.