bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Party Games
Leister Game Company
1947 Revised 1957

One thing this little dog and pony show of Awful Library Books has taught me is to be able to guess publication dates based on cover art and fonts. Clearly, this little gem is all 1950s cuteness.

Feel free to test yourself on these lovely games. The answers are on the back cover. Extra credit to anyone under the age of 30 in guessing the celebrity names. I’m 58 and I only got half of them correct. The other game is a really bad quiz that looked like a mad lib. I scored perfect on that one!

satan's music exposed

Satan’s Music

Satan’s Music Exposed

In case you didn’t know, the real evil is Christian rock. Evidently, the shift from traditional sacred music is ruining church for everyone. The author asserts that this pop music influences us through the accelerated beat and sinful lyrics. He specifically mentioned the songs: Afternoon Delight, Let’s Spend the Night Together, and Having my Baby. (I am willing to bet this is the first time those songs shared the same paragraph.) This poor author is also mad about Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell. Evidently, Jesus on Broadway is a bad idea.

autoharp songbook

Autoharp Songbook

The Youngheart Autoharp Songbook
Scelsa, Millang, Koch, Blackley

This was submitted by email, so to be fair I haven’t actually laid eyes on the actual book. I’m not sure I need to.

Songbooks are actually pretty popular in my library, although I’ve never had a run on requests for autoharp songbooks. On the one hand, I can see how this is unique and there might not be much else out there. On the other hand, it’s old and kind of corny and taking up valuable shelf space.

Is the brown thing on the cover an acorn? What does an acorn have to do with anything? What does any of that have to do with anything?? Do they represent the songs in the book? For example, is “This Old Man” in the book, and that’s why there’s a dog with a bone? Are these children’s songs? I have so many questions! Submitter, please enlighten us in the comments.

Toasts cover


Toasts: The Complete Book of the Best Toasts, Sentiments, Blessings, Curses, and Graces

Submitter: Well the title of that book went downhill quickly. Just weeded this from our public library today. My favorite curses were the ones about the teeth and the devil making a ladder from your backbone.

Holly: I love it! For all your cursing needs, the library has you covered. Just for fun, here’s a link to some “Powerful Modern Curses.”

tv top 10 cover

70s TV for the Kids

TV’S Top Ten
Shows and Their Stars

For the over 40 crowd, can you remember these shows? (Extra points for the under 30 set.) This is another example of youth nonfiction from yesteryear. There’s nothing really special about this book, although I didn’t realize that Helen Hunt was in the Swiss Family Robinson show. Actually, I didn’t even remember the TV show. The book was probably better.

Burt Reynolds cover

Burt Reynolds Revisited

Burt Reynolds Hotline: The Letters I Get…and Write!

Late yesterday afternoon, I heard that Burt Reynolds passed away at age 82. You can read the NYT obituary here. I was a teen in the 1970s and Burt Reynolds was THE guy. Probably the most famous Burt Reynolds moment I remember was his controversial picture in Cosmo as a centerfold. I thought you all might want to take a peek at the book we originally posted back in 2010. It ended up being one of my favorites and is one of the most popular posts since we started this little dog and pony show back in 2009. I remember that for about a year after posting, the most popular search term for our site was “Burt Reynolds Naked.”

Osmond brothers

1970s Pop Culture Fun

Osmonds and the New Pop Scene

I am sure if you are of a certain age you will identify with some of these “new” pop scene acts. Extra points if you can name everyone on the cover. Although the Osmond brothers are the featured title holder, there are lots of pictures of the early 1970s pop culture crowd. In case you are keeping score, I can name everyone on the cover and in most of the other pictures. However, some of the groups, I have never heard of. (Mike Curb congregation? Rock Flowers ?)

How sad is it that I can name pop stars from the late 60s/early 70s, but can’t remember things like where I put my keys. Too bad we can’t “weed” my brain of some of the more useless knowledge.