Internet for Christians

Internet for Christians

Internet for Christians: Everything You Need to Start Cruising the Net Today

Evidently this book is the secret to a more sanitized Internet.

In actuality, it really is a guidebook for Christian oriented sites. Regardless, since this is about the Internet circa late 1990s, I think we can safely let this go.

These subject/group specific books were all the rage as people were starting to navigate the web. Now it seems ridiculous that one would use a book to guide them to certain sites. They would be out of date before they even went to a publisher.

Remember Actor’s Guide to the Internet? How about Internet after Hours? or as a companion book, Catholics on the Internet. I’d be curious to know how many sites have lasted over 20 years.

Go surf with God,


Mime Ministry cover

God Loves Mimes

Mime Ministry: An illustrated, easy-to-follow guidebook for organizing, programming and training a troupe of Christian mimes

Submitter: Weeded for condition from a public library, where it was still circulating. I think I’m finding it funny because of the “Troupe of Christian Mimes” in the title – one trained Christian mime isn’t enough to spread the Word?! My collection has a slightly more recent title on the topic that I’m keeping, which has the hilarious (to me) LCSH of “Clowns — Religious Aspects — Christianity”.

picking a winner cover

Christian Teens and Dating

Picking (and Being) a Winner
St. Clair and Jones

Are you a fun loving Christian teen? Worried about picking a loser for a life partner or a casual date? This is your book. These guys want you to avoid the panic and stick to dating Christians only. It just saves time since anything else will eventually fail. Aside from the “don’t date non-Christians,” the other stuff is about being a good person. They also offer standard advice about complimenting your date. Girls, you need to know that guys scare easily, so make sure you give him enough space. He doesn’t want the ball and chain just yet.