Bill Cosby books

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Cosby: His Life and Times

Submitter: High school library: I am pretty sure this is no longer the place for these books. The first two, copyright 1986, are goners. But I just ordered the Whitaker Life and Times book in September, after a positive NPR All Things Considered segment, right before the storm hit. I think I need a new special “Fallen from Grace” section for Lance Armstrong, Bill Cosby, and others yet to be discovered.

Holly: I love that idea of a “Fallen From Grace” section – or maybe just a display. Clever. Books like these are less obvious weeds than some. On the one hand, Bill Cosby is an entertainment icon and Fatherhood is a classic. There are libraries that will want to keep it, for sure. I’m not sure most high school libraries are the place for that one – or the Eichhorn book either. Currency and completeness of information are more important for the high school crowd.