Vans the Personality Vehicles

Vans: The Personality Vehicles

Personality Vehicles

Submitter: This is a paean to the ultimate 70’s vehicle, the van. Of course it includes lots of color photos of sweet tricked-out vans, complete with nature scenes painted on the outside and shag and velvet on the inside.

Holly:My favorite is the one with flames painted on the side. Other than the fact that this book looks a little worse for wear, it’s pretty cool. What a perfect specimen for ALB! It’s unusual, nostalgic, and an example of something that was really cool in 1977 when it was published. I leafed through this book myself and was thoroughly entertained. Anyone who loves old books will love this! It most definitely does not belong on the shelves of the small public library that submitted it, but what a great display item or book sale find.

Mary: This might be a keeper in the Detroit area! We love our automotive stuff. For the record, I doubt my mother would have let me date anyone cool enough to drive one of these awesome machines. I am sure only dangerous boys drove these vans.