fallout shelter building

Living the Fallout Life

Fallout Shelter Handbook

I love Red Scare materials and I am always fascinated by the prospect of supposedly living through nuclear annihilation. Remember, I am from the generation who was told to hide under my desk when the bomb drops, so I could be “safe”. Note the apparent normalcy of life underground in a bunker on the book cover. Note how everyone on the cover is just having a regular day. Mom is even wearing an apron and Dad is smoking a pipe, probably waiting for the Mrs. to make him a drink. The whole scene is just charming.

These books are interesting and might work in places devoted to contemporary accounts of the cold war. Even if one of my public library patrons was interested in building an underground shelter, I think we could probably come up with something a bit more current. In the meantime, enjoy the good old days.

Hippie Trip cover

Lifestyles of the Hippies

The Hippie Trip

Here is your insider guide to the mysterious world of hippies. This mostly academic work details the lifestyles of hippie culture through surveys, interviews and case studies.Yablonsky is a relatively important figure and his unorthodox research methods were part of an “immersion” philosophy as an academic. (He died in 2014 and you can read his obituary here.) Obviously, his work is important and should be included in sociology collections in the academic world. A larger public library would also probably consider including this in the collection, if community interest supported this kind of work.

I kind of chuckle since it reminds me of my undergraduate intro course in Sociology back in the day where the professor used the “hip” dialogue so he could relate to his students. Even in the late 70s, this guy sounded dated and ridiculous. I will also never forget that his opening lecture included the line: “Sociology is what sociologists do.”