Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher

Friday Fiction – The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher

The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher

Submitter: I have a really liberal collection development philosophy, especially for a public high school, but this book just couldn’t stay. Really? The people who designed the spine thought writing it Bang The Grey lady and the Strawberry Snatch(er) was a good idea? Caldecott Honor or not this book is awful and has never been checked out, even by immature high school boys.

Holly: This is cataloged as juvenile fiction, which seems odd given it’s WorldCat description: “In this story without words, an old woman is pursued by a strange man with a passion for strawberries.” I

F You label

Well I Never!

(No idea what book this is…)

Submitter: This came in from Brodart today. A real smack in the face!

Holly: Ha ha! So it’s presumably “F” for Fiction and “You” is either the first three letters of the author’s last name, possibly the entire author’s last name, or maybe the first word of an edited (not authored) title. You’re bound to have this happen at some point. Couldn’t they just that one time break convention and put “FIC” or “FICTION” instead of just F? Is it so automated that no one even had the chance to make a decision like that? Every now and then I see this kind of thing in a youth section, where it is extra funny inappropriate.

Too many labels


(No idea what book this is…)

Submitter: I think you might enjoy this photo of a book with a serious case of label overload. It appeared in the book drop today. It’s a discard from a public library’s book lease collection.

Holly: What I want to know is where you shelve the darn thing?? Pick your favorite, I guess. On some books, this would cover the title and/or author name, making it hard to find and definitely less browsable. It also seems like the “New” and “7 Day Loan” stickers will be the first ones removed, which will leave a giant gaping empty spot under the call number. Oh, I know processing clerks who will have a fit when they see this!

overcoming passive aggression cover

Try not to take it out on the book

Overcoming Passive Aggression: How to Stop Hidden Anger From Spoiling Your Relationships, Career, and Happiness
Murphy and Oberlin

Submitter: This isn’t exactly an awful library book, but it’s unusual for me to receive a damaged item that makes me laugh out loud at the Reference Desk!

Holly: You’re right – the book itself is a great choice for a public library. I guess it didn’t work out so well for the patron, though! Was it returned in the book drop this way, or found on the shelf? That’s REALLY passive aggressive if it was actually on the shelf like this! This reminds me of a patron years ago who sheepishly returned a book to the library about how to train your puppy, and the book had been completely destroyed…by her puppy.

button holed

Sticker Shock

Button Holed

Submitter: Our library has a standard place where we put all our barcodes – in the upper right hand corner of the front cover. I found this title on our New Shelf and proudly on display. The book is brand new & I don’t think it has even circulated once. This would be a good example of a time when Tech Services should have made an exception and moved the barcode down just a little a bit so we could read the whole title. The title is “Buttoned Holed,” but as you can see, a few important letters were covered up.

Holly: I was reading some new submissions on a Sunday afternoon when this one came in. I laughed so loudly that I woke my husband up from his football nap. I showed him the cover image above and he cracked up too. Wow. Just wow. (By the way we are always up for some immature humor on bad processing. Send along your covers to