Cat Tricks!

cat tricksTricks Your Cat Can Do

We haven’t posted a cat book in a while. I stumbled on this while browsing the catalog. This book is still in circulation, and of course puts forth the idea of training cats to do tricks. This books belongs in that category of “unattainable knowledge” that includes diet books, many parenting books, how to hold an interesting meeting, several Martha Stewart craft books, happiness at work, etc.

All kidding aside, this book wasn’t in the greatest of condition and it looks old. I am also a believer that any animal books should have first rate photography or illustrations. I think you can weed this without looking back.


back cover trick demo of "up" cat trick up

supplies for cat trick signal and procedure


  1. My cat does tricks (when he feels like it). He can high-five, beg, stand up on his hind feet, sit, and turn in a circle on cue. Of course, he is a very superior cat of great intellectual powers (and a shameless beggar who will do anything for a treat).

  2. The cutesy instructions put me off more than the idea of spending my free time trying to bend an animal to my will in order to do silly things.

  3. My great-grandmother’s cat had to lie down and roll over in order to get his food. Don’t know whether she had a tiny whip and chair.

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