Cat Tricks!

Cat Training in 10 minutesCat Training in 10 Minutes

I think if the title was Cat Training in 10 years, I might believe it. 10 minutes? Not so much. I do believe that cats can train humans in 10 minutes or less. They probably don’t even need a book.

As I have often mentioned on this site, I get a kick out of the optimism of “cat training.”  Maybe someday I will run into that unicorn of cat books that really does have something to say. I tried the “up” exercise on my cat. She promptly looked at me and then jumped down to take a nap in the sun. In fairness, the attempt did take less than 10 minutes.

That’s why Pavlov had a dog…

Gotta go. Time to open a can of food for a demanding cat. (See how well I am trained?)


back cover targeting training a cat to jump up


  1. Some cats can be trained, my sister’s got one of her cats trained to play fetch. But I suspect that the authors of all these cat-training books got pretty lucky in that regard.

  2. Of course they can learn tricks in 10 minutes – cats are very smart. But whether or not they can be bothered to perform them is another question altogether.

  3. I had a cat who would speak “on demand,” after a fashion. He hated it when I whistled, and would always yowl as soon as I fell silent. So, I have a video on my phone wherein I whistle the “charge” call — toodledee Toot dee TOOT! and he replies with a loud “Myaio!”

    Which of us trained the other is an open question…

  4. My great-grandmother was really a dog person, but when she got very old she had a cat instead. She trained it to do a number of things that dogs do — it had to lie down and roll over to get its food, for example. I think the important thing is to have good enough incentives.

  5. And to realize they are still cats and not dogs, and not to treat them like dogs, generally.

    There’s a really funny video on tumblr of a person getting their three dogs to do “shake” and then they get to the cat, and it takes a minute, and the cat looks like it’s planning murder the entire time, but it shakes, lol.

  6. As has been noted repeatedly whenever cat training books are mocked on this site, cats *can* be trained… only with different methods than dogs.

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