Cat training for the kids

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Selecting and Training Your Cat

This title came out of a juvenile collection. I would weed this in a heartbeat as the book is probably too old to have reliable information. That said, it has been my professional experience that book on kittens and puppies need great pictures of kittens and puppies. I’m going to go further and say that no book about kittens should be published without an acceptable ratio of text to pictures of kittens. This book doesn’t come anywhere near acceptable. Heck, even the illustrations aren’t that special, although shout out for the last illustration showing a cat on a leash. I’m not sure getting a photo of a cat on a leash is even possible.


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  1. I have a friend whose cat walks on a leash regularly. He loves it! He wears a harness, though, not a collar like the cat in the illustration. I think that would be a must!

  2. I agree with Thalia. There is a lady in our neighborhood who can be seen with her cat on a leash. It drives some of the local dogs nuts.

    I would object to this book because it is so old. Also, the weird type font of the title is almost impossible to read.

  3. I tried to leash-train my cat. She doesn’t mind the harness or the leash itself, but it turns out she’s terrified of being outside. So much for my dreams of have a cat to join me on hikes!

  4. May I add that a cat on a leash is not under the control of the human. A cat on a leash is being accompanied by its security staff.

  5. “Slap him over the buttock with a fly swatter. It won’t hurt him.”
    Are you kidding me? I’d almost rather do that to a kid than a cat.

  6. I had a kids’ book about training your cat in the 80’s. I don’t think it was this one, but the illustrations were similarly lacking. The first trick was SIT AND WAIT (all the tricks were in all caps). Later, the book warned you that if you gave the cat too many treats while teaching him to JUMP, “your cat will only be able to SIT AND WAIT.” My cats were not receptive to any of the training, and my parents thought it was ridiculous that I was trying to teach adult former strays to do tricks.

  7. I did read about someone who successfully trained their cat using one of those clicker things. However, the cat soon associated the clicker with treats, and began stomping on it and yowling until rewarded.

  8. One of our cats, Raoul, would fetch a ball, come when called, jump through a hoop, and actually teased us by hiding the ball at times. My husband taught him to jump up to his shoulder on command, but stopped using that trick when Raoul jumped up while hubby had a cup of hot coffee in his hand. He was a great cat!

  9. I agree this book is a weeder, but it made me smile to see the author Kurt Unkelbach’s name; he wrote one of my favorite books that I read over and over again as a kid, “The Dog in My Life.” I liked it so much that as an adult I tracked down a copy to share with my daughter.

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