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cats on the counter

Cats on the Counter
Lachman and Mickadeit

I will admit I am a sucker for the cat books, and I know many of my public library patrons are as well. Even though I know much of cat “training” is an exercise in futility, I will still hold out hope. Our latest attempt is about getting your cat to change his/her behavior, specifically with litter box problems, using furniture as a scratching post, fighting, etc. The big message is about owner’s changing their behavior and to make sure there isn’t a specific physical cause of the problem behavior. Not a bad choice for collections, although the age of this book is problematic. The other issue worth mentioning is that the cover is attached upside down. I have seen this a few times before but it messes with my head to have the back cover as the front and look like I am holding the book upside down. Just no. Send it back.


back cover of cats on the counter

behavior modification for litterbox training

meowing too much

final thoughts about training


  1. The cover issue makes me wonder if no-one looked inside the book when it was bought. Usually companies let you return books with that kind of flaw.

  2. That black rectangle on the cover makes it look as if part of the cat’s anatomy had to be censored out …
    … she said, betraying her maturity.

  3. “31 percent of cat owners expect their cat to come to their rescue when they’re in distress.” I love my cats, but unless I’m being menaced by a giant string cheese or bowl of ice cream, I’m on my own.

  4. I hope the rest of the answer about Miss Whiskers recommended a visit to the vet — that behavior sounds to me like classic signs of ill health.

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