Cat Flexing

Cat Flexing coverCat Flexing
A Catlover’s Guide to Weight Training, Aerobics and Stretching

What’s not to love? Cats and exercise!

I am trying to imagine ANY of the cats I know that would ALLOW this kind of human behavior and I am coming up empty. I am certain that there is probably a cat out there that just doesn’t give a crap as long as food is available, but I haven’t met him/her. Maybe chasing a cat to put it in the cat carrier for a vet trip could qualify as aerobic exercise.

On a side note: I think this could be a wonderful ALA program proposal.


Cat Flexing back cover


back exercises

abs exercises

chest exercises


  1. Actually, my cat Pippin would do the chest exercise on page 25. He loves to jump onto my back when I bend down to pick things up. He is the reason I have not tried doing yoga at home!

  2. I have two cats and I’m quite tired of the non-cat people’s belief that cats are all aloof and only care about you feeding them. My younger cat loves attention and affection, and receiving cuddles and pets is his idea of kitty heaven. But he still would have to be sedated in order for me to do these exercises with him. In fact, *I* would have to be on some drug to do the exercises, even without the cat. 🙂

  3. I can just see myself at the animal shelter: “Hi, do you have any cats that are totally indifferent to being hoisted over someone’s head, dangled behind someone’s back, or happy to be picked up without support for the hind feet?… Um, you want me to wait for an officer? Why?”

    Not saying such a cat doesn’t exist, mind you. Just saying that the search for one may include many “explanations.”

  4. our dear tubby tabby Buddy (Bast bless his soul) would’ve made the perfect weights. The things you learn too late…

  5. I believe this is your typical clawless, sedated cat–maybe recently deceased–and the model is on the same thing the cat is . . .

  6. Hey, if you can train cats to walk on a leash (starting when they’re kittens) I’m sure they can be trained to be your weights.

    Or maybe the cat’s doped up on catnip.

  7. Show cats have to put up with similar stuff. It is really bizarre to watch the cat just hang there inert as the judge hoists it up to the sky and stretches its legs out.

  8. That cat looks like a Ragdoll type of cat. Believe it or not, some of those cats are really even-tempered enough to put up with that sort of posing.

  9. The truly horrific thing, here, is those shorts!
    Not to mention the way ‘she’ seems to have morphed into ‘he’ on pg 35. (Bad camera angle, I know, but still…)

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