Cat Cooking?

The Secret of Cooking for Cats coverThe Secret of Cooking for Cats

When I first looked at this title I thought that it was about cooking the actual cat.  No folks, treat your little fluffy friend right and cook him his very own dinner.  No cheap Frisky’s or IAMS for our feline friends.  Time to go first class!  Perhaps some Tuna Tartare?

Yes, kids, there is our author and his groovy manual typewriter, sharing a meal with his feline friends (see image below).  Wanna bet this guy is single and available?


The Secret of Cooking for Cats back cover

  1. I’d ask if this was for real, yet I know it is. If not I would have sworn you were pranking us. This is worse than those “gourmet meals” cat food commercials! And 1965… nice to know it isn’t a new phenomenon of replacing other people in one’s life with animals!

    1. Whenever I see those “gourmet meal” commercials, I am reminded of the statistic that says only 95% of the people who buy pet food actually have pets.


  2. Whew! For a while there I thought this was by the renowned math and science writer and skeptic Martin Gardner, but it’s a different Martin Gardner.

    1. I thought the same thing! I had to go and do some searching around to verify that it was someone else with the same name.

  3. I’m still having visions of “To Serve Man”, ALB, despite you clearing it up later in the post. Thanks SO much.

    *grumbles* Had nightmares for months after seeing that episode.

    Other then some of the tools changing I can’t see how this would be too out of date. Lots of people prefer to make food for their pets, especially after all the deadly pet food from China.

  4. I’m a veterinarian and I have a fair number of clients that want to cook for their pets. (I agree with Moklspa, personally.) But cats in particular have special nutritional needs that weren’t even well understood by the pet food companies until the 1980s. (Cats are obligate carnivores and, unlike dogs and people, cannot make their own taurine. They need an outside source.) I would weed this one because the recipes are probably not safe.

  5. and i thought it was just opening a can. yet again i have learned something new from your library and am all the better for it! please never stop finding this crazy stuff.

  6. Some people do make their own cat food but I didn’t know about cooking it…often, the meat is raw.

    Darn, now I won’t be able to get rid of the first line of the original post for a while…sad visuals 🙁

  7. You know what, I could actually do with a book like that. I’ve got three fuzzballs that would benefit from some home cooking.
    I don’t find this book ridiculous at all. 🙂

  8. Hahah! For some reason, this reminded me of that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror gag where the aliens are looking at a cookbook “How to Cook Humans”… then as they blow off dust, it’s “How to Cook For Humans”, then “How to Cook Forty Humans”, then “How to Cook FOR Forty Humans”.

    I kept waiting for dust to blow off this one and the title is actually “The Secret of Cooking FORTY Cats”!

  9. Actually he looks less scary to me than like Paul on Mad Men with someone else’s borrowed glasses. Typewriter … beard … ernestness …

    That said, fortunately none of the cats I have owned in my life required food cooked just for them. They might get a taste of something I’m making myself (poultry), but, per Glow-Orb, Iams and similar are healthier when it comes to regular diet.

  10. Kate, love the reference to the Simpsons episode. That part was hilarious, as several of the episodes are. My two cats will have to make do with store bought cat food for the time being 🙂

  11. uhm, actually after all the poison pet food nightmares I started cooking for my pets. I did not keep it up (I am not crazy after all), but I would have loved to find this book at the library. Altho’ as the veterinarian posted, it probably is not all that accurate.

  12. I’m sure there’s a market out there for home delivered specially cooked meals for cats (or other pets for that matter). And the cat on the cover looks happy enough!

  13. This one should probably be replaced with a current book on the subject. With all these pet food recalls a lot of people must be thinking about cooking for their cats.

  14. Oh this is nothing. Be happy that you’ve yet to find one of the books on how to force your cat to be vegan. Yes, there are people who are so compelled to avoid animal cruelty that they can’t allow their *cats* to eat meat.

    1. Ha – my neighbor was rearing her kitten to be vegetarian. I used to sneak said kitten into my house and make her a scrambled egg. Finally I smuggled her to my friends’ house and we found her a real home. I couldn’t watch her die.

      That being said, I would frame this book under glass. What a hoot!

  15. Some people are so our of touch with nature it’s riduclous. Killing is a part of life. Vegan or not vegan. We all kill stuff to eat.