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Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers
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As a true Midwesterner, I embrace casserole cuisine. However, not all casseroles are created equal and this book proves it. Note the “surprise” casserole. (I think my mother had a similar recipe.) The other recipe worth noting is called “Ned’s Goop.” Looking at the ingredients, the word “goop” is fitting. The casserole staples always include a can of cream of mushroom soup, cheese of some kind and some kind of crunch factor, such as potato chips or bread crumbs. I won’t even comment on the calorie count or sodium consumed.



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  1. “Yam and Ham” sound pretty good! I’d leave out the brown sugar, never did like candied yams. It would do fine in a slow cooker.

    1. The Surprise Casserole doesn’t sound *too* bad. I like the idea of cheese inside meatballs.

    1. On another page, I Bet! Can’t have a casserole cookbook from that era without that recipe!

  2. I was reading the “Yam and Ham” recipe and thinking that removing the ham would leave you with a nice dessert casserole. The ham just makes it weird.

  3. Why do you need so many different recipes when they all amount to “mix everything together and bake?”

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