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Esquire Cartoon Album coverEsquire Cartoon Album
25th Anniversary Volume
Esquire, Inc

Submitter: [Longer submission abridged by Holly.] I’m a cartoon/comic strip history buff.  This means, of course, that I’m always checking out the selection in 741.5 at any Dewey-cataloging library. So I am the perfect audience for this book–a 1957 25th anniversary compilation of cartoons from the men’s magazine Esquire.  But why in heck is this book on a public library shelf otherwise? This collection is edited from the viewpoint of a men’s magazine in 1957, over 60 years ago.  I need not say how “politically incorrect” many of the jokes are in 2019. I had to add stick-on “censorship bars” to some of the cartoons I photographed, just in case it wouldn’t pass probable NSFW standards for ALB. And there are numerous somewhat topical jokes in there that only make sense if you are acutely aware of the subjects addressed–I included a joke about a “rumble seat” in the selection I photographed.

Hold it–I just found a pencil notation that seems to indicate that this may have been added to the collection in 2001!

Esquire Cartoon Album title pageHolly: Cool book! But no, it has no place in your average neighborhood public library. Unless that library specializes in this subject, it really should be donated to an archive or a special library that can preserve it appropriately. I’d be curious to know how many times it has been used since 2001. I’m also curious to know if this library has kept up with new and popular books in the 741.5’s. Is space an issue there? (Super appealing cover for a cartoon book, too. I’ll add the title page here so you can see the title.)


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