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Submitter: Look, I love Carol Burnett. I really do. My parents wouldn’t spring for cable when I was growing up so I actually grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show. I follow Tim Conway on Facebook! But a 40 year old biography?! Aimed at kids?! STILL ON A LIBRARY SHELF?! OY VEY! I spotted this one shelf reading. The spine label had been torn off so I pulled it to see about getting it relabed – but when I saw the cover I instantly knew this book was just way too old. A peek inside showed I was right. Just the publishing year alone let me know that. Black and white pictures. Still shows her as married to Joe Hamilton (they divorced in 1984 and he died in 1991). The topper is when we showed it to our teen volunteer and she didn’t even know who Carol Burnett is. I think this YouTube video sums up my feelings for this book.

Holly: That about covers it! Just because you don’t have an equal title to replace with does not mean you shouldn’t weed something. It is easy to fall victim to sentimentality over books – especially youth biographies about people we admired when we were kids 40 years ago. I’m sorry not sorry to say that sometimes weeding is hard and sometimes you’ll just have to get over it. #ToughLove

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  1. Oh, BTW, Carol’s birthday is April 26, 1933, so she just recently turned 83.

    She looks good. But still, this biography doesn’t.

  2. She was and is amazing…but yeah, what a dismal book to have on the shelves. I believe she lost her daughter in the years since this book was written. I should think a newer book about her could also dispense with really bad pencil portraits on the title page 🙂

  3. I watched carol Burnette’s show for years on TV when I was a kid and she was one of the funniest performers ever. Kids these days, they don’t know what’s funny any more. Being as gross and nasty as possible, that’s what they think. 🙁

    1. …but in all likelihood, that’s what the generation before you probably thought about yours. And then your grandparents’ generation probably thought the same of your parents’ generation. And so on and so on.

      BTW, humor is really subjective. The oldest known recorded fart joke dates back to about 1900 BC in ancient Sumeria (now southern Iraq), and Benjamin Franklin actually wrote an essay once called “Fart Proudly”. Who knew?

    2. This is also the same generation that wrote the book featured in the previous post about loving a bear a little too literally.

      But hey! Kids these days and “gross and nasty” totally never existing before whatever current crop of young people, amirite?

  4. Somewhere I read or heard once that Carol Burnett got a chin implant early in her career to improve her looks. I wonder if that p. 46 image is actually of her recovering from that piece of cosmetic plastic surgery!

  5. This book will not entice anyone to “discover” Carol Burnett the way a few QR codes to YouTube segments would!

  6. She is a queen of American comedy; this book is the joker of the bargain bin.

  7. For the record, that’s Tina Louise “dancing” with Burnett in a photo.

  8. I remember lots of 70s celebrities but who the hell is Caterina Valente?

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