Careers in Education for the New Woman

education for the new woman

Careers in Education for the New Woman

Whenever I see titles that tout advice for the “new” woman, I am immediately concerned. It was a phrase thrown around in the 1970s that alluded to career oriented women also known as a “liberated” woman. (I should further limit this definition to privileged, educated white women.)

For the most part, this book outlines educational oriented careers, including librarianship. It gives a brief overview and peppers the rest of the book with personal narratives. Yes, this book was still in circulation and I have a particular pet peeve regarding career materials. Just remember that all those new women are now old women.


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  1. So, when the user finds a book, decides to take it home, and doesn’t come across the circulation librarian, does that mean they stole it before the days of RFID or gave up and left it behind?

  2. The concept of the New Woman goes back much further than the 1970s. It was in common use through the 20s and 30s, and you’ll actually find a reference to it in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (published 1897). It always seems to mean the same thing: women who are taking control over their lives rather than allowing men to run them. Someone really should do a dissertation on the “new woman.”

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