Careers for Artistic Types

Careers For Artistic Types coverCareers for Artistic Types

Submitter: Sure this has to be completely out of date! For the Graphic Designer they do happen to mention that learning to use a computer will be helpful in the upcoming years. That alone should make this a weed. Sadly, Worldcat has a number of public libraries still offering this book, and the series it’s from, to patrons across the country. A more in-depth search reveals a number of local high schools also carry this series.  Yikes!

Holly: Oh good. Mary especially loves old career books. These are wonderful series, and should absolutely be added to public and school library collections, but for the love of whatever it is that motivates you, WEED THEM from time to time! They have a five to ten year shelf life, depending on the career highlighted in each volume.

Graphic designer

Graphic Designer


  1. It would be nice if this were updated. I like the idea of having actual practitioners in the field describe what they do, rather than using interviews by an author.

  2. So were “artistic types” going to browse this book? Or would the librarian or the career adviser give it to them to read? Or give it to their parents to show that not being a lawyer or a doctor isn’t the end of the world?

    I think that the title encodes some assumptions. A bit like what was called in England “two cultures” – in that case, science on one hand and, on the other, I suppose a culture that calls itself culture and dismisses knowledge that isn’t its own. I’m not sure if the critic was wishing for the scientists to take over like in H. G. Wells’s Things To Come. (No, you’re thinking of The Time Machine.)

    What I’m getting at is, do you have to be either the “artistic type” or the non-artistic type, one or the other? Why not be artistic in your own time but find a job that pays better? Or the other way around – only I’m not sure what that looks like. Become a sculptor – or a librarian? – and at the weekend, tinker with car engines. And if you need a manual for that – or for repairing a video recorder – you know where to look…

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