Car tips for ladies

what every woman should know about her car

What every woman should know
…about her car

This quaint relic was written by a woman who worked in an auto shop for most of her life and wrote this as a help for those “liberated” women who want to take real ownership of their cars. According to the introduction, Jackson wrote this book so women would feel comfortable talking to the men that run the world of autos. This book includes safety tips, basic maintenance, purchasing a car, and how to prevent being ripped off by unethical mechanics. This is a great idea, especially for the time. The execution, though, is a bit condescending, even for 1974.

Aside from the tone, the organization and contents are actually pretty good. The author provides a detailed vocabulary (more than 15 pages of terms) and some basic diagrams. It reminded me of a “Cars for Dummies” kind of book. It is the ridiculous illustrations that hurt this book’s appeal. I am sure that the editorial gang over at Chilton’s thought that “the girls” would dig the cute cartoons. Since I was a teen girl in 1974, I can safely say I would have thought it was ridiculous and insulting.


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  1. 2017 Girls auto clinic glove box guide by Patrice Banks; illustrations by Dianne Castillo is a much better choice! Better illustrations, too.

  2. I found improvements at metro Detroit car dealerships by the early 1980s; I shopped with my mom and I recall more courtesy and professionalism although not many women in auto sales at that time.

  3. I love it whenever ALB shows a book that was made the year I was born. I thought back in those days it was perfectly acceptable to leave your pets and kids alone in the car, even though the book says otherwise. Especially since my mom knew if she took me into the store with her I’d be all like, “Can I have that doll? Can I have a chocolate bar? Can I have some bubble gum? Can I have that teddy bear? Can I can I can I…” ^_^

    1. My daughter was born in 1973, and I would never, never have left her in the car. (My mother had told me about a woman she knew who left her three kids in the car while she just dashed into the store, and they found a lighter and immolated themselves.)

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