Cancer is Groovy

Death Of Cancer coverThe Death of Cancer: The story of research involving Laetrile that dropped a bombshell on orthodoxy
Manner, DiSanti, & Michalsen

Submitter: It was the juxtaposition between the title of this work, The Death of Cancer, and its psychedelic rainbow cover art that first caught our eye. As one person said, “[it] makes me want to say Cancer is Groovy.” Love it for its decidedly 1970s design, or its dramatics (“No student of true science can fault the conceptual framework”). We love it for both. Withdrawn from the collection, but not from our hearts.

Holly: Good grief, it’s from 1978!  There is surely information on the history of cancer research that is more complete and includes 35 more years of research.  Why did every book written in the 1970s have a rainbow theme on the cover?

Mary: I remember Laetrile! Some kind magic chemical from apricot pits, I have a vague recollection of hearing about it in health class in high school. If you want some more history of this, take a look at this article on Quackwatch.


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  1. Another reason to speedily weed your medical materials: Quackery! At least it goes out of date even faster than legit materia medica.

  2. The only reason I know about Laetrile is because of the Law & Order episode involving a female doctor giving it to her patients, who then die from lack of quality care.

  3. According to the back cover bio, his colleagues said he was a ‘capable’ researcher – presumably he was capable, he just didn’t DO research and instead wrote books like this.

    Love your blog by the way, it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

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