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Breast Cancer coverBreast Cancer

As of this writing this was still in a medium sized public library’s teen nonfiction collection. I love the idea of a book about cancer directed at teens, but 1995 is too old for information on something like breast cancer. I would love to see a newer edition directed at teens/young adults. If your choice is this book or nothing, choose nothing.

On an unrelated note, does the doctor in the picture appear to have a hairpiece or a bad haircut?


Breast Cancer back cover

Breast exam

National Cancer Institute researchers


    1. Donna: My brain started going “Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard” as soon as I saw that picture.

      I’m going to say his hair’s real, just because I can’t (or maybe don’t want to) imagine anyone actually buying an ugly bowl-cut hairpiece like that.

      More topically, I agree that a teen-targetted cancer book is a great idea. I was a teenager when my mother was going through cancer treatment and it’s a really big, scary, complicated subject.

    2. That was about the time of Dumber and Dumber came out, and that haircut style was a fad for a short while. Probably had the same barber as Jim Carey did for the movie.

  1. Rule for consumer health stuff for readers of any age is 2 years, although that’s very difficult for some libraries to comply with without having empty shelves. And, honestly, cancer information can change at the speed of light. But 1995 is definitely way too old.

  2. It looks like the woman getting the exam is trying to determine if the doctors hair is real too.

  3. Ok, way before 1995 you could get your breasts examined by a doctor of your own gender. A picture of Dr. Moe handling a patient with monster pleats really diminishes the reliability of this book!

  4. Why is a range of books about diseases called Venture? I’d understand Misadventure. Are all the Venture books about disease, or just all the ones that we see here?
    Also, not sure what the picture on the cover is. For modern art it looks too much like it’s meant to be something.
    Then again, nearly all of the topics would have to be illustrated by someone looking pale and sad. Maybe one or more famous people, that could work. Maybe attached to a machine in a hospital, for variety.
    If it’s for teens then the set of eligible famous people will be quite limited, and also controversial. And awkward if the famous person then dies. It’s going to change the tone of the book.

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