Cancer: Can it be stopped?

cancer can it be stopped?Cancer: Can it be Stopped?
Silverstein and Silverstein
1987 (original copyright 1972)

This book seemed to be aimed at a young adult audience, although I found it in the adult nonfiction section of a small public library. The information is no doubt out of date, particularly with respect to  treatments. The tone of these books is bleak and not too optimistic with respect to survival. No one wants a patron facing a desperate medical diagnosis to rely on books this old.

It would be great if everyone would have a lot of time to drop everything and weed whenever. I know that isn’t always the case, however staff can and should prioritize certain collections over others.The changes in some content has some very real world consequences for our patrons.


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cancer cells

cancer cells


  1. After several decades of a Head of Library Acquisitions who firmly believed “Old is better than nothing”, we’re still feeling the aftereffects of this policy. Even though the (adult) medical books have been weeded heavily twice, it’s still hard to get some department heads on board with weeding other areas, like juvenile STEM books, and the veterinary medicine section. My child is in the veterinary medical field and says the absolute oldest books kept should be 5 years or less. Will anyone listen to me though? No.
    (And another anecdote: we once had a lawyer tell us our legal sections were in deplorable condition. He’s in the field, yet was brushed off.)

    1. Disgraceful. If State Auditor reports and Health Department inspections are given attention by local media, a good review by some unaffiliated experts in the section (voluntary committee of the local Bar Association, e.g.) sent to the Trustees and news media might help.

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