Can I Be a Feminist and Still Like Men?

Feminist coverMa, can I be a feminist and still like men?: Lyrics From Life

Submitter: I work in a small academic library and I can’t figure out how this supports coursework at all. We regularly review the collection and have undergone a couple of major weeds in the last few years and yet this one is still around?

From another staff member: I think it’s safe to say it didn’t age well. While it’s trying to point out ironies of gender roles, it really does revert to sweeping ideas that “All men are one way” and “All women are trying to conform.” Plus, the idea that exposure to Sandra Dee and taking up motherhood is synonymous with throwing your life away.

In short, this book does not fit the mission of our library or the current century, so it must go!

Holly: It also looks a little old and stickered up…and don’t even get me started on barcodes that cover titles!



  1. Nicole Hollander is a celebrated feminist cartoonist. While her humor might not be “21st century”, I think she definitely deserves a place in an academic library.

  2. I like her later work but this is… eeesh.

    Why the academic library bought this in the first place and why the person who slapped the bar code over the title didn’t take a look at it and weed it then are mysteries for the ages.

    Sadly, there are still too many men like the barfly in cartoon 2.

  3. Is the book one word long? “Yes” would be the answer to that question. Or “YES FFS” if you were feeling cranky.

  4. I still love Nicole Hollander, but I guess maybe you had to be there. She might well belong in a collection of 20th century feminist literature, or in a collection of historical comics predating the current movement for graphic novels (etc.). The condition of this copy and breadth/narrowness/focus of your local collections might dictate your decision though…

  5. Are you sure this isn’t a new wave feminist book? This could easy fit in with the current wave of Tumblrinas.

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