Caching In Kingston

Caching in Kingston - coverCaching In Kingston

Submitter: In an academic library, I rarely have the opportunity to weed something worthy of inclusion here.  But today a colleague found this interesting little gem, that isn’t so much an awful library book as simply further evidence that you never know what might be hiding in your stacks.  Here, stealthily (is that a word?) hidden in our collection was a book that had been previously weeded from a school library: disguising a geocaching cache!  I’ve scanned the homemade cover, the lovingly created MeSH call number as well as the interior of the book hiding the cache and instructions.  This has been hidden in our stacks for over 2 years, and over 30 people have recorded their presence!

Holly: This is a neat, fun idea!  My first worry was that they defaced a library book to create the cache, but thankfully, it was previously weeded.  Did you leave it or remove it?  I think I’d have left it, space permitting!

The cache

Geocache explanation

Book spine


  1. Sure beats the dried orange peels I found in my shelves earlier this year. I’d definitely leave it if I found it in my library. In fact, I’d seriously consider cataloging it to ensure it stuck around during weeding.

  2. I’m kind of curious as to why Nicholas Coleridge’s “Godchildren” was weeded…

    (Well, I enjoyed it!)

  3. Since I’m only really familiar with Dewey (and dimly aware of how LC works), I’m curious whether that call number is valid and what it might indicate? A quick search revealed that MeSH is for medical subjects, so I’m guessing there wouldn’t be a number pertaining to geocaching itself.

  4. Hey Colleen I am with you! I would love to find something like this then the petrified remains of an apple core I found last week.

  5. Aw, don’t weed it. I have a relative who geocaches, and I’ve heard about these library caches before. What’s the harm in leaving it there?

  6. I like the story and that the finder must responding by writing a new message!
    what a fun creative idea.
    i have seen more hidden places on books but this is fun.
    great that you’ve found it after two years in the librairy.
    i have wrote a message back and replaced it if i found this.
    thank you for sharing this.

  7. Actually, I was just getting into that story of Abigail and her hopeless love for Marcus.

  8. Our public library has a geocache hidden in a (discarded) book by our director. I will have to check and see how many visits it’s had!

  9. Hey, I’m a geocacher and I’ve worked in a College library for 31 years. This is fantastic. In fact, I might borrow this idea and create a cache in our library. Hail to the Geocachers of the World….

  10. We have a geocache in our library! I can’t remember the call number for ours but it’s not with the geocaching books. The local geocache club contacted us and asked permission to hide it among the shelves. It is a little notebook and I stumble upon it periodically and read the new entries. It is really fun!

  11. We also have a geocache in our library! It is hidden in “Geocaching for Dummies”. A few people have even come to the information desk all the time and ask if we know where the cache is. I always tell them that it’s in the building, but giving them any more info would defeat the purpose. I hope the original sender kept the cache!

  12. This is waaay better than the cheerleader porn I found outside the staff entrance a few years ago. ICK… This, OTOH, is coooollll!

  13. I am a librarian cacher and was approached in 2005 and asked if a cache could be hidden in my library. I said yes and has been going strong for 6 years. In turn I hid my own series, each teaching the seeker something about the Dewey Decimal System. I will be presenting at the Minnesota Library Association annual conference on the topic in October. I would welcome any more of your experiences with caches in libraries. Please contact me.

  14. I love it! One of my staffers is a geocacher and I’ve asked to put one in each of our branches. Anything to get people through the door, is my motto.

  15. We have a geocache in our library. A local person asked us to place it. It is with the geocache books and has had entries from all over the U.S.

  16. I’m the submitter in question and thought I’d let you know:
    a) we kept it! How could we not?
    b) Blathering is right, it is in Otolaryngology. I don’t think 22.7 is valid, either, but probably just given a random number so it would fit somewhere on our shelves.

  17. Ok…I guess this tells you something about my mindset…I at first thought you found the ingenious container for somebody’s weed stash…

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