Bytes vs Bites

computer diet coverThe Computer Diet

Now it is time for some high tech dieting! Our author has compiled a bunch of data, along with some fancy “programming” to help you in your quest for weight loss. The book is essentially pages and pages of weight loss tables calculating the days needed at a certain calorie level for desired number of pound to lose. Bottom line: this diet is calorie counting.

Why this diet book is different? It uses math and words like “thermodynamics” and is written by an engineer. I guess a computer diet sounds better than counting calories.




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  1. Just a wild guess, but I’m betting a book weight-loss book with equations in it wasn’t a New York Times best-seller.

  2. Silicon Valley types are *still* doing this, calling it “hacking” their bodies because apparently that is cool and smart unlike what other people (read: women) have been doing for centuries. Never mind that all the innovations they come up with – calorie restriction, severe limitation on variety of foods, exercise, have existed for ages and have even been studied by real scientists. For some people, just because something is new to them they think they’ve discovered it.

  3. Nowadays, there’s probably an app for that; your smartphone is much more powerful than all the computer equipment shown on the cover. 🙂

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