Bye Bye Bye

Nsync cover*NSYNC
Boekhoff and Kallen

Submitter: This book is ‘tearing up my heart’ knowing it’s still sitting on the shelf all these years. So who’s  going to weed this book? “It’s gonna be me.” I guess I could have gone with Bye Bye Bye old book…

Holly: This was published just as the group was breaking up. I think we can safely let it go. “This I Promise You.”

NSync and Janet Jackson

Getting in Synch

Celebrity and Beyond


  1. And they didn’t even get back together like the other boy bands of the era.

    1. I’m wondering what the people who’d turned up to hear Miss Jackson thought of them! Was there a mass exodus for snacks and the facilities?

  2. Actually, these were the guys who convinced me that boy bands are not always inherently evil. They were REALLY good singers, and could blend with each other well. I never followed them, but at least I wouldn’t cringe when their music came on the radio.

    Not worth the shelf space in a library these days, though. Weed it and sell it to a nostalgic elder Millennial for fifty cents.

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