Butcher, Baker, Cabinetmaker

Women at work coverButcher Baker, Cabinetmaker: Photogrpahs of Women at Work
Saul and Heyman

Submitter: See all the jobs a woman can have. Not only is it way out of date, but it’s way too young and embarrassing.

Holly: The text does seem to be for a young audience, and Submitter is right that it is very out of date. At least they chose things like sheep farmer and architect to highlight; not just traditionally female roles.


Postal worker



  1. It’s completely out of date for a job like an architect, but I actually think this looks like a cool book. It’s very vintage, yes? It’s something I might keep for a personal collection or as a historical item, but not as a current careers picturebook.

  2. Yes it’s old, but what really bugs me about
    the book is how the text is laid out. A handful of
    words to a line is really annoying to look at.

  3. This looks like one that might be worth replacing with a more up to date version of the concept.

  4. Interesting how they make the architect sound like it’s about nurturing some future homeowner rather than engineering something attractive and practical that won’t fall down.

  5. The text is outdated, but the pictures seem pretty good. If this is a fair representation of the book, then it’s probably fairly diverse. I do appreciate seeing a wide variety of bodies presented as normal. That’s a good message to send to kids.

    This seems like one where an updated version would be great.

  6. Nit: “Photogrpahs” should be “photographs”.
    Second, how is it “too young”? I could see it being too old (25+ years) and it definitely seems thin on content.

    1. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that this is in a school library, but not an elementary school library. In, for example, a high school library, this book is “too young” for the people who will be checking out books. (Even in a middle-school library, I would say.)

    2. A primary-grade book about careers (not just women’s) with lovely illustrations or color photographs and haiku for text would probably win an award…

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