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Submitter: It’s an ancient book on Amazon. This book was written before Amazon was a verb, and when it was still focused on books. Does the book accurately predict the future? Probably not.

The business section ought to have books on how current companies do business, how to do business, small business information, and how to get grants, not really old books that are ridiculously outdated.

Holly: Amazon is a whole new animal 22 years later – and so are libraries.

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  1. The scare quotes around “nerds” are also ludicrous, even in 1999.

    I was still only buying books there at that time (I checked; my first purchase was in 1998, a book I got a gift voucher for), and I think they’d expanded to CD’s and videos, but certainly weren’t doing food, clothing, appliances, TV shows, and rocket ships!

  2. IDK, I think this would be a fascinating read, and I might’ve recommended that someone read it all the way through to see how prescient it was or wasn’t before weeding it out.

  3. The fact they keep repeating “” instead of just calling it “Amazon” tells you all you need to know. I wonder if the phrase “Information Superhighway” appears in the text anywhere.

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