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How to profit from the coming rapture
Getting ahead when you are left behind

I was searching for something and came across this book. My first thought was this was a serious effort by some religious nuts. When I started reading and laughing, it was clear it was a spoof.

It was actually fun for about a half an hour. Then it was done, at least for me. Sometimes books like these tend to be too long. The joke just went on too long. What concerned me is the owning library had it classified in the 200s. I would have stuck this in the 800s with other humor books.

Catalogers out there, please weigh in!



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  1. For crying out loud, the back cover says “HUMOR” on the first line! And down at the bottom, it says the “authors” are fictional.

    Should have been a pamphlet.

  2. The 200s?! If you were going to treat it seriously, it should be with financial advice, like 332!

  3. Even if it’s meant to be satire, it’s eerily accurate. Only instead of lima beans it was toilet paper that was more valuable than gold. Then it was baby formula, children’s fever/pain medication, actual food… Oh why I did I spend so many years believing in science and evolution? This must all be because I watched The Smurfs and He-Man as a kid.

  4. The official Dewey Decimal Number is 818.5407. Perhaps the subject matter was no joking matter for the cataloging librarian, thus they shelved it where they believed to be the book’s “rightful” place?

    I can’t read the compressed caption, but I’m loving the cartoon artwork of the guy with the arrow in his back answering the door to David Ruprecht.

    1. I looked that up. Random American literature, Others in that category are mostly humor.

      So the librarian shouldn’t have overridden the wisdom of Dewey.

      Either they really weren’t paying attention to… everything, or they wanted to troll fundies.

  5. I was in a bookstore and saw the Betty Bowers books under serious religious books instead of humor and their satire is more over the top than this is!

  6. I’m familiar with Barbara Davilman’s works (my personal fave is the “What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories” that she co-edited – some of which were adapted into short YouTube flicks) and yep – definitely humor oriented; bummers this one took one joke idea way too far.

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