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Writing Business Plans That Get Results
A Step-by-Step Guide

Although most business plans have core concepts such as capitalization, marketing strategy, staffing, etc. A business plan is a comprehensive plan of attack and is about being able to attract investors, apply for loans, and other normal business matters. The concepts don’t really change, but the technology and methodology might. Bottom line, these types a books will have a bit more wiggle room with respect to age.

However, the real weeding issue is evident in the fact that someone had written in quite a few of the pages. (I really don’t like workbook type items in the collection. It just begs for someone to write in the book.) I particularly like that the defacer in question wrote (in pen!) TBD in many of the blanks. I get the feeling that our defacing entrepreneur didn’t get very far.


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  1. Why in the world would someone feel justified to write in a library book? In pen, yet? I can kind of see writing in pencil, thinking you’ll be able to erase it before you return it, maybe. Did they forget it was a library book? Or do some people really just feel that entitled?

    1. *shrug*

      Myself, on the rare occasion I’ve used workbook sections, I always used notebook paper for my answers. (True, those were mostly Mad Libs which I’d wanted to play with again someday without being distracted by my previous answers… but the principle still stands. ☺️)

      1. So you use notebook paper even for workbooks that you own? I can sort of relate to that. In the instances that I have filled out workbook pages, I always imagine someone else seeing it later and making fun of my stupid answers.

    2. Hard to say why, but it’s a universal phenomenon. In fact, a great deal of what we know about Vladimir Lenin’s time in Switzerland comes from the marginalia he wrote in books he checked out from the Swiss libraries.

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