Bush Friendly

Making Your Garden Bush Friendly coverMaking Your Garden Bush Friendly: How to Recognise and Control Garden Plants which Invade Sydney’s Bushland
McLoughlin and Rawling

Submitter: We are an academic library serving a landscape program. While right-sizing the collection this week, I found this unfortunate processing fail. For the record, the barcode is covering the word Garden.

Holly: (Snort!)

Mary: My inner 12 year old boy wants to make many inappropriate jokes.


  1. Who submitted this, someone in Australia ? I can’t imagine this would be useful to Brits or Yanks

  2. That cataloguer’s inner 12 year old boy put that barcode over the word garden.

  3. Ha ha ha! I feel certain that someone did that deliberately. I would have.

  4. Why is it that making jokes about body parts when you’re a kid is bad because they’re “adult”, but making jokes about body parts when you’re an adult is also bad because they’re “immature”?

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