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Cars coverCars
An Easy-Read Fact Book
Revised Edition
Langley and Dugdale

Submitter: Cars have changed a little bit since 1987, when this book was published. The examples of common models are all discontinued, for example. The page on modern styling also looks pretty dated. The book did accurately predict that future cars would have lots of computer equipment, but the vision of a potential futuristic gas station in the year 2000 is less prescient.

Holly: This is a children’s book, found in a Detroit-area public library. Here in the Motor City, we love old car stuff…but this isn’t quite what car collectors and hobby mechanics are looking for – or their children.

car styling

Everyday Cars

Cars of the Future

Cars of the Future


  1. That last picture gave me a good chuckle. People thinking we were going to live just like the Jetsons in the 21st century. Instead it’s more like the Twilight Zone.

  2. Foreign publication? The only model sold in the US was the Renault(as the “LeCar”).

  3. The content on everyday cars is particularly out of date for the US audience in light of recent announcements by automakers that they are discontinuing smaller car models, as consumers increasingly prefer SUVs, crossovers, and trucks….. Also, neither I nor Google recognizes a model called “Lincoln Linx” — the picture looks like a Mercury Lynx to me….

  4. The future car stuff looks a LOT like the aesthetic of Car Wars…which came out several years before this book, so maybe the author cribbed from it? Or they both took from the same older source.

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