Buddy Who?

naked mind of buddy hackett

Naked Mind of Buddy Hackett

Submitter: I like comedy. I like poems. Now, who’s book should I read that has both? Hmm…Buddy Hackett’s, of course! The semi-nude pic on the cover is a plus.  This is not the last copy in our library’s system, but 16 circs in 30+ years is not doing it for our small branch.

Holly: Who’s Buddy Hackett?  Just kidding – I was born in 1974 when this book came out, but I do know who he is.  There are not a lot of reasons to hang on to this book. Put ‘er in the used book sale.  I guarantee you’ll make a quarter.

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  1. Gosh, I remember Buddy Hackett from a lot of Disney movies, back when Disney did decent live action flicks. He was pretty much in every other Herbie movie with Dean Jones, who was another one of those actors who were, well, in every other Disney movie of the 60s and early 70s.

    Thanks for ruining my childhood memories, lol.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  2. Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute here, Buddy didn’t die until 2003 so there’s plenty of people who would know who his was! *blows raspberry*

    Remember that episode of “Murder, She Wrote” he did where he and the other fellow were like a combonation of Abbot & Costello and a touch of Lewis & Dean – complete with a feud – and he tries to fake an attempted murder in order to keep his kid from marrying his ex-partner’s kid?

    I’d like to read this. Anything’s got to be better then Drew Carrey’s book!

  3. Buddy may have been a Disney & Hollywood Squares staple in the 1960’s & 70’s, but his nightclub material was as “blue” as Redd Foxx’s.

    As for the cover, there isn’t enough eye-bleach on the planet…

  4. I remember Buddy Hackett with his stand-up comedy routines in the 1970s. Quite good actually. Funny guy.

  5. Pass the brain bleach, please! The only worse thing than seeing Hackett like that would be seeing Shatner like that!

  6. Jami the other guy was Steve Lawrence!! I love Murder, She Wrote, I must have seen that episode at least 10 times.

  7. My brother saw Buddy’s stage act and “blue” was exactly the word he used. On TV he was just a clown of a guy, and that’s how I remember him. He seemed to be on every talk show, game show, and TV series in the 60’s and 70’s. I had no idea he was so sexy, though! (is that a loon hanging over his head?)