Bruce Jenner’s Guide to the Olympics

Bruce Jenner's guide to the olympics cover

Bruce Jenner’s Guide to the Olympics
Jenner and Abraham


Submitter: I’m the library director at a small community college in [Alabama], and I came across this little gem while I was shelving this morning.  I think it’s a prime candidate for weeding, because most of our students only know Bruce Jenner as the Kardashian’s step-dad who became Caitlyn! Never mind the fact that it’s 37 years old now, and most of the countries listed don’t even exist any more. Some of the events listed probably aren’t even part of the Olympics any more, for that matter. This little jewel is going to be retired to the special collection in my office!

Holly: Caitlyn is surely as happy as anyone that this little number has been retired. Sports is a section that is easy to overlook, but it goes out of date like anything else.



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  1. Wasn’t that the year we boycotted the Summer Olympics on account of Russia invading Afghanistan?

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