Bringing home the bacon

Working Wives CookbookThe Working Wives’ Cookbook
Zavin and Stuart

This was published before there were a lot of choices in convenience foods and people didn’t really eat out as much as they do now. These ladies did it by making everything ahead of time. They are also big proponets of appliances, especially the dishwasher, which was pretty rad for the early 60s. The recipes aren’t that interesting, but they do work for the time and place. I also figure that this was probably pretty radical concept for a cookbook in the early 60s.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a discussion of hubs getting up and helping out.


Working Wives Cookbook - Author Bios

Working Wives Cook book - front and back flaps

Washing dishes

Baked salmon casserole


  1. “I can bring home the bacon, Fry it up in a pan, And never never let you forget you’re a man, ‘Cause I’m a woman!”

  2. Not as er, colorful as some of the recipes from past books. But as you say, a novel concept for the time.
    There’s still a market for this sort of thing (I browse the cookbook section a lot), both “quick recipes for weeknights” and various “prep it in advance” books. But yeah, any efficient-cooking book that predates the microwave is out of date.

  3. So if you’re prepping the next night’s meal in addition to cooking tonight, how was that supposed to save time? Even if this were modern it would be silly. Also this copy seems to have been through quite enough, so we’ll just call it an honorable retirement

  4. So, the solution to cooking dinner when you get home from working is to eat dinner and then cook dinner. WTH?? Seriously, if you are going to cook dinner, why do it after you have eaten and then save it for the next night? Logic, people! Use logic!!!

  5. I actually wouldn’t mind this book! It would be ideal for preparing meals in advance when you have guests, and want to give them home cooked meals.

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