Bring on the oblivion

Quaaludes coverThe Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs
Quaaludes: The Quest for Oblivion

I snagged this from a teen section.  Don’t you just love the creepy cover?  I am not even sure what to say.  I wonder if today’s teens are still seduced by this quest for oblivion.  The content of this book is heavy on charts, graphs and icky black and white photos of  people doing a variety of drugs.  Interestingly, none of the pictures feature quaalude abuse.  I get the feeling that they slapped quaaludes on the front of a generic “drugs are bad”  book.  Of course drug information is probably suspect after 5 years, so I am going to go out on limb and suggest that perhaps this book’s time has come and gone.   Weed it, please!


  1. That cover is so prog-rock band from the 1970s. In fact, “Quest for Oblivion” would be a great album title for that sort of band.

  2. I remember shelving these, they came in a series, and were often out. Over 20 years ago. Apparently, this is the lone survivor, maybe because it was the one never checked out.

      1. It’s not just “The Scream,” it’s similar to some of his other pictures that I saw in an art history class. He was an interesting man…

  3. Are Quaaludes even produced anymore? I’m even kind of surprised that the (c) on this is as late as 1985!

  4. The cover of that book totally creeps me out. Maybe the person who designed it was on psychoactive drugs at the time?

  5. FWIW, Qaaludes basically don’t exist any more in the US. This makes about as much sense in a US library’s teen section circa 2009 as a book on avoiding polio.

    1. Grow up, Francis. If you don’t like the blog, stop reading it. No one’s forcing you at gunpoint or threatening you to read it or be forced to endure hours of Miley Cyrus’ “singing.”

  6. This is a light and slightly (?) sarcastic group of people. We are being silly and it’s OK. come on laugh—you know you want to.

  7. Actually, the cover reminds me a bit of that Robin Williams movie from several years ago, “What Dreams May Come.”

  8. That’s the creepiest thing ever. I’m going to have nightmares…and then put that image on my next album cover…Waffles and The Clap: The Quest for Oblivion. Title track? Quaaludes.

  9. Haven’t we moved on to Oxycontin addiction?! Qaaludes are like…so “80’s” and not even in the hip retro kind of way.

  10. Actually I think the artist is George Tooker, though I can’t find this particular image on a quick spin around the internets.