Bridal Shower Games

bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Party Games
Leister Game Company
1947 Revised 1957

One thing this little dog and pony show of Awful Library Books has taught me is to be able to guess publication dates based on cover art and fonts. Clearly, this little gem is all 1950s cuteness.

Feel free to test yourself on these lovely games. The answers are on the back cover. Extra credit to anyone under the age of 30 in guessing the celebrity names. I’m 58 and I only got half of them correct. The other game is a really bad quiz that looked like a mad lib. I scored perfect on that one!

Party On!




mad libs

party games

celebrity quiz


  1. I’m surprised the card game is aimed at men, were men usually invited to bridal showers in the 1950’s?

  2. You CANNOT honestly tell me this was STILL on the shelves in a library!

    On the other hand, why would anyone that can afford a honeymoon like the one described in the game need a bridal shower?!?

    1. Found this in a library book sale. I am assuming it was a donation since there were no library markings. It’s just too cute/awful NOT to be on ALB

  3. True Tales of the Past at Work: When you can only have as many handouts as there are *copies included in the book*.

    Card Pass, however, is seriously unsanitary.

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