Breakout the Batik!

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Batik For Beginners

The last time anyone mentioned batik to me was probably when this book was published. It is an interesting craft, but I don’t think that it is on the public radar. However, since macrame has been making a bit of a comeback, maybe batik will join the resurrected 1970s craft club.

The instructions are a bit thin in this particular title. Its mostly about what you can do, not how to do it. I would be curious to know if anyone has patrons asking for information about this particular craft.


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  1. I remember doing batik as a kid in the 70’s. I don’t remember much about the technique except that it involved hot wax, and since I learned how to do it during a large group summer craft class, I’m surprised no one was injured. It’s probably why you don’t hear much about it today.

  2. In my textiles class in college we were required to produce some Batik samples. It was messy and stinky as some of it required using bleach to replicate the look. Definitely not a craft many people would pick up. Batik fabrics are quite the rage with quilters though. At least with the quilters on those quilting shows on PBS lovingly stroking their Batik fabric swatches. I doubt few of them would actually go through the process or check out an old book on the topic. The style of Batik has changed some since this was published. I could see the topic being included in a book on fabric dying and textile arts.

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