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secretarial procedures

Secretarial Procedures for the Automated Office
Jennings and Kilgour

For 1990, this book was probably pretty cutting edge. Actually, the equipment reminded me of one of my office gigs from the late 1980s. I grabbed this from a book sale when I saw the cover of those original floppy disks. Then I remembered when the 3 1/2 inch disk in the hard cover was released. Fast forward 20 years when a kid at the library asked me about computers from the olden days. Ouch! I am really old.

Other than the technology, the material is pretty good. Much of the material could be easily updated for modern office procedures. There was a big emphasis on time management and organization that made a lot of sense. In my personal quest for the holy grail of paper taming, this actually had some good advice.

Having been to business school and worked in an office before the world of librarianship seduced me into a life in the stacks, much of the advice on day to day organization and filing would have been useful for anyone in an office setting. Too bad they don’t teach more of this is school. What was once the purview of secretaries and office assistants should really be for everyone regardless of job title.


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  1. Look at all that space in the “open office” photo — today, there would be three or four times the people there.

  2. This is the second Canada-specific secretarial book you’ve shown. What is so different about clerical work in Canada?

    And I agree on the office organization bit.

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