Boys, do you have a “calling”?

Catholic PriestCatholic Priest: His Training and Ministry: A Picture Story

Well no wonder there is such a shortage of priests!  Many of the kids who come across this in the Catholic school where it was found will be instantly turned off by the whole idea.  It’s so old fashioned!  It was published just before Vatican II.  It’s nice from a historical perspective, but does not belong in a Catholic high school anymore.

HollyCatholic Priest back cover

Catholic Priest contents

band and choir

large church


Priest on missions

Priest assignments



  1. ‘Individual spiritual guidance is frequent’ – oh dear. In light of the sex abuse scandals associated with catholic priests since this book was printed, that photo is a bit disturbing.

  2. Let me get this straight–they can pose (rather obviously and badly) a picture with that supposed pick-up jazz band, but they couldn’t find a choir rehearsal space that didn’t look like a moldy, stagnant basement with tacky and defective fluorescent lighting? I laughted out loud at the priest being a missionary to those two “natives.” The Cardinal’s hand position on the back cover also makes him look creepy, and I cannot believe that they could print out what looks to be an entire book with not one picture of a female! Really–are they TRYING to attract homosexuals, or is their view of the world just that divisive and sexist? Gad, this book cries out to be burnt!

  3. Seems as something my college would have though we are/were women’s private catholic college. I have seen and would love to submit is a book on catholic dating, with a young man looking surprisingly similar to the priest on the cover and a young girl in profile looking (longingly) into each other’s sketched eyes.

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