Boys are important people!

how to talk to boys cover

How To Talk To Boys
and Other Important People

Girls, here is your chance to get a boy to like you. Are you shy? This book has all the right things to say, so you can get the boyfriend of your dreams!

This book is a bit much for 1983. I am not sure that today’s teens would find anything remotely useful in this book. I doubt this advice worked in 1983 either. This book gives advice on what to say, with some help from Barbara Walters! There is advice on how to be a good listener (aka shut up and let the boy talk). Good grooming is essential. In other words, looks count. Perhaps most disturbing is the advice for when the boy is overly critical. Be more understanding, and, of course, swallow it down and don’t make a scene.

This book is just awful on so many levels. More female empowerment talk needs to happen. Also, most boys are not self-centered creeps. They also aren’t any more “important” than anyone else.



Looking good

How to tell if he's interested

how to be a good listener

best time to call a boy

low cost dates

dealing with his criticism


  1. I agree with the assessment of this book, but the part on how to make conversation and listen to people is not bad advice (if taken out of the context of “how to converse with a boy”). I cannot believe how many people are terrible, terrible conversationalists. They never ask ANY questions of other people even if one asks them lots of questions and listens to the answers. They constantly look around the room and never at the person they are supposedly conversing with. A lugubrious silence falls if you don’t keep asking them questions (and I mean in a social setting….not that you’re bothering someone trying to read on a park bench!). Barbara Walters was onto something.

  2. Wowwwwwww.

    Did they dust off a book from 20+ years earlier and republish it with a few new additions?

    I did absolutely none of these things around that time (maybe lip gloss) and still had plenty of male interest, plus retained my self-esteem.

    1983 me would have maybe managed to make this book “disappear” from the library, or at least annotated it snarkily (in pencil, because I’m not a monster). 2022 me would toss it in the recycle bin and maybe call in a spiritual practitioner to banish any lingering evil essence. A nice pagan lesbian with a smudge stick, maybe.

  3. How could any parent want their daughter to internalize the contents of this book especially the part where she keeps quiet so the guy can blather on: the foundation for an abusive relationship.

    New Title: Thin Line. Love and Hate for Boys and other Self-Important People.

  4. Nick did Nell a favor when he broke up with her. Wendy needs to wise up and dump Jason. He’s acting like a two-year-old (and possible Cluster B nightmare!)

  5. From my experience as a teen, most girls had more than enough attention from boys. The problem was the other way around; boys struggled to meet and talk to girls. Guess that’s why there’s a multimillion dollar industry devoted to helping men meet women.

  6. “You’re standing at your locker and suddenly there he is…If only he’d ask you out.”

    What do you say? “Um, hey, wanna go out?”

  7. Moisturizer all over is probably not a good idea for most high school girls, it tends to make acne worse.

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